About us

Lensation Photo & Film Aruba

Our mission

Lensation Photo & Film Aruba, is an organization committed to provide a high quality experience by understanding the customer needs, building lasting relationships through professional photos and videos fused with new technologies and growing trends that characterize our artistic side. Our vibrant images will become lasting memories that capture and express time, in such a way Aruba can be shown through the promotion of its image, highlighting its natural beauty and tourist attractions.


Consolidate the company as the best in the field of photography and video tourism, promoting its development and growth to establish as the best in the current market and become a large industry of photography and video with permanence in time.

Promoting Aruba and its nature as a tourist destination, while ensuring that our customers feel welcome to the beautiful experience, comfortable and relaxed, providing high quality in a different experience to return.

Who we are?

Lensation Photo & Film Aruba

Lens and Sensation come together in perfect harmony in order to form "Lensation", an idea born of the need to create not only a photograph or video, but an entire experience around the most beautiful moments, which are captured in a professional way to keep them alive in a high-quality visual memory, merging for it, the Magic of Television with the sensational of Photography.

"Lensation Photo Film Aruba" is a professional organization of photos and videos, which is located in the Island of Aruba, counting with a team of professional photographers,  with several years of experience in the field, and TV producer, with 16 years of experience in Television and Magazine Publisher. Focused on the photography market of Hotel and Tourism, Advertising Photography, commercial, events, products, services, Portraits and Weddings.

We are aware that our vibrant images will become lasting memories that capture and express time. That is why one of our Mission is to provide a wonderful experience, products, services and information that meet the expectations of our customers, because our services are elegant and practical and they create a fun and relaxing environment, customized according to the needs of our customers.